Anxiety Reason #8: ADHD

My recent ADHD diagnosis has so much of my childhood and personality finally making sense. While this is not why I’m anxious, anxiety and ADHD often come as a packaged deal to make it even more difficult to just exist. But knowing what is causing certain things is eye-opening, so if you’ve been putting off talking to a doctor about a suspected mental health issue, I encourage you to do it. Learn more about yourself and get new tools and information to help you take care of yourself. 

I’d love to know if you relate.

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Sara: [00:00:00] Welcome back to Why Am I Anxious Today? The podcast that sorta kind of really doesn’t at all answer the question that I hate getting the most about my anxiety. So I recently was diagnosed with adhd, which is not a surprise to anybody who’s ever met me. Um, I think people were just kind of waiting for it to be.

But I wanna share kind of what’s been going through my head in the last couple months that I’ve been really noticing more and more that I have ADHD and that I’ve, and the more research I’ve been doing and looking into the different ways that it presents in women, which is generally different than it is in young boys, which is why girls are not as likely to get Diagnos.

I’ve been able to notice how much of myself makes sense now. There’s so much that [00:01:00] I’ve always have done or I thought was just a quirk or a flaw or anything like that. There’s so much about me that I finally have a reason behind. Even though getting a diagnosis, it doesn’t feel like a good thing. It has been so eye-opening for me and things about myself just make more sense now because I’ve always had adhd.

I ha, I always just called it the little guy in my head who has to be distracted so that. The rest of my brain can focus, and that’s kind of how it’s always felt. I used to get in trouble in offices because I would have the TV show friends playing on Netflix on my phone while I’m [00:02:00] working, and I would get in trouble for not paying attention, and I have to explain like I’m paying attention to what I’m doing.

It’s just the little guy in my brain who needs to be distracted so that the rest of my brain can. And I used to watch TV while doing homework like this is a thing. This has been a pattern my entire life, and I just never knew there was a reason for it. I never knew that there was a reason for me being clumsy because apparently spacial awareness or lack thereof is part of it.

There’s a reason that I struggle so much to do simple tasks like put the dishes away or put my laundry away, things. Normal, quote unquote, people do easily, but people that aren’t more like me really struggle to get themselves to do so. It has just been a really great experience, honestly, because I spent my childhood desperately [00:03:00] trying to figure out what was wrong with me, to the point that my parents thought I was just dramatic.

Or a hypochondriac because anything that came close to making sense, I would clinging onto cuz I was just desperate for something to make sense. So the reason I’m sharing this is just if you are scared to get a diagnosis, if you’re scared to go to a doctor, whether it’s you think you have adhd, whether you think you have depression, whether you think you have anxiety, whatever it.

Go do it. Just talk to somebody, get their opinion, because all you’re doing is I’m, I’m basically gonna quote Taylor Tomlinson here, who is amazing. Getting a diagnosis for anything mental health related is just giving you the tools and the information you need to take better care of yourself. And that is something that we all should be trying to do.

[00:04:00] So there you have, This is not necessarily why I’m anxious today, but this is something that has been on my mind for some time. So thanks for listening. If you have similar experiences with struggling to figure out what exactly it is that’s going on in your head, I’d love to hear from you. Why am i anxious

Thanks for listening, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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