Why Am I Anxious Today? Trailer

Listen to the the trailer of the Why Am I Anxious Today? podcast and come back soon for the official launch!

[00:00:00] Sara: Welcome to the Why am I Anxious Today podcast, where I sort of kind of answer, but really don’t answer at all that number one question I get as someone who struggles with anxiety: but why are you anxious?

Now, why is that a terrible question? Asks the person without anxiety. Well, because the answer is probably nonsense..

Anxiety doesn’t come with a good answer. It just shows up usually at the most inconvenient times. Is there a scientific reason for it? Probably. Do I know it? Absolutely not. I’m only speaking from my own experience in how I deal with anxiety every day, so join me for just a few minutes every day as I share what made me anxious that day so that you can see that you’re not alone.

This happens to a lot of us, and even though you don’t have an answer, the reason that you are anxious is valid. So thanks for listening. I hope you enjoy the [00:01:00] show.

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