Products and services used by your favorite daughter.

These are products or services that I use every day for content creation, podcasting, and business management. Please note that these links may include affiliate payouts, but I only recommend the products and services that I actually use and enjoy.

Podcast Equipment

Samson 2QU

A budget-friendly, entry-level microphone for podcast guests.


Audio interfaces for one to two podcasters to get crisp and clear audio.

Avaya HC020

A 4K webcam for crisp and clear videos.

Shure MV7

A high quality mic for dedicated podcasters, USB and XLR compatible.

Rode PodMic

A high-quality, budget-friendly podcast mic.

Sony Alpha ZV-E10

A high-quality vlogger camera for extremely crisp videos.

Tourbox Neo

A handy editing mouse to make production quicker and easier.

Podcaster Basics


A great virtual recording studio for remote podcast recordings.


A robust and easy-to-use website builder specifically for podcasts.


Match with potential guests for your show or shows searching for guests just like you.


A podcast hosting platform I've used in the past.


The podcast hosting service we use for the Branded podcast!

DIY Podcast Launch Workbook

Our very own guide for launching your own podcast.

Creator Tools


An AI-powered podcast copywriter. Using this link gives you an extended free trial!


A social media scheduling tool that shows all of your analytics in one place.


An AI-powered podcast content writer.