Open This Book

The Art of Storytelling for Aspiring Thought Leaders

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Everyone has a story, they just don't know it yet.

In the age of Google and ChatGPT, information can be accessed from anywhere by anyone. As thought leaders, how do we get people to listen to us rather than turn to a search engine?


By telling a compelling story.


Personal stories are the thought leader’s greatest asset. This book is designed to help you identify, craft, and leverage your lifetime of experiences and turn them into influence. 


Through a blend of personal stories, professional insights, and thought-provoking writing prompts, Open This Book demystifies the art of storytelling, giving you a pathway to growing your audience and getting your voice heard.


This book is a call to action for the dreamers, the doers, and anyone who has ever sensed a story bubbling within them but didn’t quite know how to harness its power. Whether you’re navigating the complex world of business, forging your creative path, or simply yearning to articulate your journey more authentically in your career, open this book and let it be your guide.

Editorial Review

Independent Book Review

“I dare you to read Open This Book and not come out with a story to use on the other side of it.


Prompts, explanations, empty journal pages, examples, and helpful tidbits on choosing and telling stories—this book prioritizes brainstorming and fosters direct action. The questions Lohse poses are pointed enough that you’ll not only have something to talk about the next time you’re booked on a podcast but you’ll be able to talk about it well and with personality.


Audiences connect with story; they always have. Now, in a time of trusting and believing in who you are buying from, this book is as relevant as ever.


Lohse does such a terrific job keeping things light, approachable, and even personal in Open This Book. She’s got plenty of her own stories to tell—her infamous penis tattoo story, her maid of honor speech—and it makes the practice-what-you-preach aspect of the book work two-fold. Her point is made crystal clear because she is keeping our attention with her own personal storytelling. I’m glad to listen to this very real person chat about what she knows—not only because I can tell there’s merit, but also because she’s good at telling it.”

"Looking for an excuse to get ahead as a thought leader? Take the advice of this title and Open This Book."

Reviews from Early Readers

Shannon Russell

Second Act Success Career Coaching

I opened this book and loved the content so much! Sara’s style is very witty and I really like all of her humor and personal stories throughout it. She really touched on the fears many of us have when it comes to imposter syndrome and not thinking we have a story to tell. Her advice on how to dig in deep to find our story and truly bring it out was done in such a helpful way that made it seem possible and less scary. The “What to do now” prompts and journal pages were a great addition, so I was able to write down ideas as I read. I learned and laughed all throughout my time reading this book. Lots of good takeaways and a new perception on what it means to share your story and be a thought leader. Highly recommend for anyone aspiring to speak up and get their voice heard!!

Alexandra Segel

I really love how Sara connects with her readers in this book! It’s immersive and engaging throughout, blending expert storytelling with fun, interactive prompts. It’s also packed with practical advice and will inspire anyone who reads it to share their own story. I couldn’t recommend it more highly! 

Larry Roberts

Red Hat Media

Sara’s new book, Open this Book is an open call to action for readers to harness the power of their personal stories. Through compelling anecdotes and thoughtful prompts, she guides readers to reflect on formative life experiences and begin crafting their own stories.

As someone who knows Sara both personally and professionally, I can promise you this book is as genuine as it gets. She draws extensively from her own life, sharing intimate struggles and victories along her journey to thought leadership. While feeling very memoir-esque, she demonstrates each story has a purpose by highlighting the larger lessons. The vulnerability in her stories is sure to resonate with readers with a desire to share their own journeys more authentically.

Though primarily focused on developing thought leadership, Sara offers insight to entrepreneurs wanting to humanize their brand, professionals aiming to stand out, and creatives looking to leverage their uniqueness. Her warm tone makes the book feel more like a coffee conversation with a trusted friend.

Each reader will walk away feeling seen, heard, and empowered. Sara inspires each reader to uncover their powerful stories and turn them into leadership tools. For anyone looking to craft their narrative and voice toward greater goals, Open This Book is essential reading. Sara has crafted a truly heartfelt guidebook to help us all shape stories worth sharing.

Amanda Paolicelli

Dare to Be Iconic

Open This Book feels like having a one-on-one, heartfelt conversation with Sara. It strikes the ideal balance between being personal and intimate while providing clear, actionable information. Thank you for sharing your insights and guidance in such a relatable and impactful way.