CommUnity™ Podcasts

Building better corporate communities.

The CommUnity™ Podcast Method

The idea for CommUnity™ was born out of a simple observation: while podcasts have become a popular medium for external marketing and brand building, their potential for internal community building remains largely untapped.


Podcasts are unique in their ability to forge connections, and implementing them within a company could serve as a powerful tool to bridge communication gaps, celebrate diverse voices, and foster a sense of belonging within organizations.


By creating a platform where stories are shared, achievements are celebrated, and voices from all levels of the hierarchy are heard, we can cultivate a stronger, more cohesive internal community.

The Value of CommUnity™

  1. Fostering Inclusivity: CommUnity Podcasts provide a platform for voices that might otherwise go unheard. Whether it’s a new hire sharing their onboarding experience or a seasoned executive discussing company values, these podcasts ensure everyone has a voice.

  2. Celebrating Diversity: Organizations are a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. CommUnity Podcasts highlight this diversity, allowing employees to share their unique stories and perspectives, fostering mutual respect and understanding.

  3. Enhancing Internal Communication: Traditional communication channels like emails or newsletters can sometimes feel impersonal or one-sided. Podcasts, on the other hand, offer a more engaging and interactive way to disseminate information, updates, or news.

  4. Building a Stronger Corporate Culture: By regularly sharing company values, achievements, and stories, CommUnity Podcasts reinforce the organization’s culture, ensuring it remains alive and well-understood by all.

  5. Encouraging Continuous Learning: Podcasts can also serve as a platform for knowledge sharing, where employees discuss industry trends, best practices, or even soft skills, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

The Process

The CommUnity™ Podcast Method isn’t just about producing a series of audio episodes; it’s about creating a movement. A movement that champions the idea that every voice matters, every story has value, and every individual is a vital part of the organizational tapestry.

The process begins with extensive research of the current state of a company, interviewing and surveying the leadership, management, and employees that make up the organization. We need to understand where we’re starting from before we can make a plan for where we’re going.


Based on the results of the research, we create a strategic and creative plan that amplifies the positive findings and addresses the uncovered issues. 


By encouraging interaction, spotlighting team and individual wins, and incorporating the feedback and suggestions of everybody involved, we create a show that sparks a new feeling of unity and keeps an ear on the pulse of the company.

The CommUnity™ Podcast Method is currently in Beta. If you’re interested in implementing this program within your organization for a steeply discounted rate, please schedule time to discuss or email [email protected].