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Why Podcasts?

Podcasts are one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses of all sizes. They help you build community around your brand, connect with your target audience, establish yourself and your team as industry thought leaders, and offer powerful lead generation and SEO benefits. 

Plus, they offer insights into your audience that you can’t get anywhere else.



And they work. According to the BBC, here’s the impact of a branded podcast:

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Increase in brand awareness.

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Increase in brand favorability.

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Increase in brand consideration.

Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

Podcasts have grown quickly in popularity over the years. Because they’re a very personalized media, they can help you establish a community around your brand and establish relationships with your customers.

For regular listeners, you give them a sense of belonging.

Podcasts give you a chance to share your story and expertise in a way that creates deeper connections.

Listeners are more engaged versus other media and are more likely to buy a product that they hear about on a podcast.

Hosting a podcast gets you into the global conversation and helps you leverage your extensive knowledge and experience on a global stage.

Podcasting lets you share unique perspectives on industry trends and what’s going on in the company itself.

Plus, your audience can engage with you on a level that other businesses can’t achieve with traditional marketing.

By promoting products and services to an audience with whom you’ve already built trust, you’re able to generate leads and inspire sales.

Plus you can offer exclusive deals and discounts to your audience which will incentivize them to try your offer and become lifelong customers.

Podcasts offer powerful SEO boosts by adding new content regularly, incorporating valuable key words, building authority, and creating endless opportunities for repurposing content.

By analyzing your listeners behavior – or even just looking at the most popular episode topics – you can gain a better understanding of who your audience is and what they’re looking for to start creating content that will resonate.

It gives you data on your audience that is otherwise hard to come by.

Podcasts help you maintain a consistent presence in your customers’ lives. 

If you have a long sales cycle or a product that only needs to be purchased every once in a while, podcasts can help you establish a long-term relationship so when the time does come to purchase, you’re the brand they think of.

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