Business Card Mistakes and Lessons

Let’s talk about business cards!
I recently redesigned my website and decided to redesign my business cards to match (the second photo is the old version).
Now, I LOVE my old cards and was constantly complimented on how pretty they are and how great they feel. I had paid extra for the soft-touch coating that made them feel feminine and high-end. But here are the biggest mistakes I made:
  1. I didn’t include a QR code, making it more difficult for someone to reach out to me.
  2. The soft-touch coating made it impossible to write on! At least half of the people I’d give a card to would try to jot down a note to remind them why they took my card, so not being able to write on it could have potentially lost me thousands in revenue.
For my new cards, I skipped the coating and went with the basic matte finish, and I even made a space specifically for people to write down those reminder notes. I included a QR code for easy engagement and matched the look to my new website.
Remember, building your brand is all about learning so pay attention to what you may want to change.