Can You Keep a Secret?

I have a secret I’ve been hesitant to share. But in the spirit of being fully authentic, I want to let you in on it:

*drum roll please*

I don’t love guesting on podcasts.

I know, it’s pretty scandalous. 

So why would I launch a company based solely on podcast guesting? Because I know it works!

When I say I don’t love it, I only mean that I don’t love to do it myself. I am naturally introverted. I do not like public speaking. I have major imposter syndrome and am certainly my worse critic. 

Podcast hosts have been kind enough to invite me on their shows and I am honored to accept. Still, part of me worries that while I know the science behind guesting and have helped others to do it greatly, I lack the confidence in myself to really make the impact that I want to make. 

I have spent my career behind the scenes—producing, editing, booking, coaching, writing, designing—and taking the leap onto the mic is so far out of my comfort zone. I am new at this. And like everything else, it takes practice. 

As episodes and interviews come out, I ask you this: give me grace. I am still honing my own message and building my confidence in front of an audience. My comfort zone is in what I hope to do for my clients—the creation and strategy—but I must step out of it if I want to grow as a business owner and as a person.

Thank you for keeping my secret. I’m slowly becoming a better me.

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