How Do We Use Our Outside Voices?

When we were kids, we (or, at least, me) were always being told to use our inside voices. Sometimes we were told this when we weren’t even indoors. 

We were always told we needed to speak more quietly, even if we were so excited we felt like we would burst if we didn’t yell it for the world to hear.

That is the kind of passion and excitement I want you to have whenever you speak on a podcast, stage, or anywhere else that offers you an audience.

What is the topic that when you start speaking about it, you just simply can’t use your inside voice?

What is the topic that if you’re not stopped, you could continue speaking about for days? 

What is the topic that as soon as it’s brought up in mixed company, someone rolls their eyes and says, “Please, don’t get them started…” 

Get started. That is the topic you need to be speaking on more and you need to do it in your outside voice so everyone can hear. 

And then add a microphone.