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As a PodTalks attendee, you can book a FREE 30-minute brainstorming session to ask any questions or get some ideas for your own podcast guesting strategy.


50 Ways To Generate Leads

At Favorite Daughter Media, we help creators and business owners build lead magnets that will spread their message and grow their client list.

Start building your email list and generating leads with 50 easy-to-create lead magnet ideas. With options specifically designed for content creators, services providers, retailers, and entrepreneurs, this master list has ideas you can start using right away no matter which industry you’re in. 

Plus, by downloading the ebook, you unlock access to a free brainstorming session to help you choose the best lead magnet for your goals and set it in motion.


Be a Better Podcast Guest

Podcast Guest Coaching

Be a better guest.

  • Weekly coaching sessions to learn the art of podcast guesting.
  • Set your goals, determine your message, and craft your story.
  • Create a plan for turning listeners into leads.
  • Customized action plan you can start implementing immediately.

Podcast Prep Package

Get ready to record.

  • Full podcast guest coaching package.
  • Action plan is handled for you.
  • Custom lead magnet, landing page copy, email marketing copy, and a strategy to put them to work.

Practice Session

Experience the real thing.

  • Mock podcast interview with professional hosts.
  • Fully-produced episode you can release to your audience or use in a media reel.
  • Immediate constructive feedback after the recording.