Do-It-Yourself Podcast Launch Workbook

Launch a Podcast in Just Four Weeks

Want to launch a podcast but not sure where to start?

Podcasting is an innovative medium that enables you to share your voice, stories, insights, or expertise with the world. We created this quick-start guide to help you get your own show ready and launched in just four weeks.

The Do-It-Yourself Podcast Launch Workbook is designed to walk you through every crucial stage in your podcast development, from building out your concept and planning your recordings to launching and promoting your new show.

With more than 50 value-packed pages, each step will be easy to understand and implement like a seasoned pro.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Four weeks of actionable checklists, with each item explained fully.
  • Structured worksheets and open writing pages to jot down ideas, thoughts, and research notes.
  • Doodle pages for cover art inspiration.
  • Formulas and pro tips for writing show descriptions, show notes, and your podcast trailer.
  • Spreadsheets to plan your recordings and guests.
  • The tech products we use and trust.
  • Best practices for recording and marketing your show.

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