A Story Worth Telling

I’ve been on a lot of podcasts in the last few years. This was one of my favorites. 


Brian Gorman of Quantuvos interviewed me on the Qonversations podcast to talk about storytelling and the conversation left me nearly speechless. 


Here are my biggest takeaways: 


  1. Don’t let me go first. Brian really let me tell my silly tattoo story and then followed it with the most heartwarming, I-nearly-cried story of love and family that had me close to tears… At least set the tone first!
  2. There are stories others write for us. You can’t always control how people see you or what they think of you. Never let their story of you impact the way you see yourself. 
  3. We need to learn from our own stories. Life has no eraser or white out. We can’t rewrite the past. But we can grow from what we’ve been through, identify the lessons we’ve learned, and move onto a new chapter. 

I hope you listen to this episode and hear Brian’s story. It is powerful. And if you learn nothing else from this conversation, I hope you learn that your story is worth telling.