Emotional Courage

A few weeks ago, Adam Baruh invited me on his podcast, Beyond the Microphone, to talk about the Branded podcast and how I serve clients through Favorite Daughter Media. 


The conversation took an unexpected turn, however, when he brought up the term “emotional courage.”


This isn’t a term I’d ever heard before this conversation, but it’s now one of my favorite concepts.

What exactly is emotional courage?  In his book, Leading with Emotional Courage, Peter Bregman defines emotional courage as the courage to feel. I’ll admit I got this definition from his book’s landing page, I have not read it (though it’s not on my list). 


Emotional courage is about facing our fears, doubts, and vulnerabilities head-on. Whether it’s making a major life decision, navigating through personal or professional hardships, or simply embracing our true selves, emotional courage allows us to step into our power and take ownership of our lives.


On the episode, I talked about my trip to Ireland and how it became the catalyst of the change that I didn’t know I needed. Facing my fears and exploring the world on my own made me more brave and self-reliant than I had been and set the gears in motion to create the life I now live.


But through podcasting, I learned how important it is to talk about those experiences. Sharing our stories and vulnerabilities can inspire and uplift those who are navigating similar struggles, fostering connections and empathy within our communities.


The beautiful thing about emotional courage is that it’s not about being fearless–it’s about acknowledging our fears and choosing to move forward despite them. It’s about embracing authenticity, vulnerability, and empathy in a world that often encourages us to hide behind facades.

Podcasting has been an outlet for me to explore my own emotional courage in a public setting and even helped me find my voice and confidence as a storyteller. It’s a medium that encourages raw, unfiltered conversations, creating a safe space for both hosts and guests to share their truths.


So, I encourage you to embrace your emotional courage, lean into your vulnerabilities, and share your stories with the world. You never know who might be inspired or touched by your words.