Amplifying Campus Voices​

Podcasting for higher education.

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Why Podcasts?

Podcasts have rapidly become a popular medium for storytelling, education, and information sharing. Because of the convenience and high level of engagement, podcasts are an appealing option for busy students and alumni.

Uses in Higher Education

In the competitive landscape of higher education, attracting new students requires innovative and engaging strategies. Podcasts, with their growing popularity, especially among the younger demographic, present an excellent opportunity for universities to connect with potential students in a meaningful way.

A college or university is meant to be a community, united under the colors and mascot that represents your institution. Podcasts can be a powerful tool for building community outside of the student body, engaging various groups such as alumni, prospective students, faculty, staff, and the wider public.

Beyond traditional methods, podcasts offer an intimate, engaging, and authentic medium to tell your college’s story, showcase its unique offerings, and build a lasting connection with prospective students, alumni, and the broader community.

Podcasts offer a unique way to enrich the student’s experience on campus as they can be used as an entertainment medium and an educational tool. Incorporating podcasts into coursework can provide students with additional perspectives, expert insights, and a deeper understanding of their subjects of interest.


How We Work With You

Launch a Podcast

A full-service package that helps your institution develop a unique concept, design strategies for growth, marketing, and lead generation, and train your team to become impactful podcast hosts.

Plus, we fully produce your show, create sharable, branded assets, and offer expert advice and guidance at every step.

Student Starter Series

Simplify the admissions process and attract new students with a 12-episode limited series podcast.

Our episode template and expert guidance make it easy to create a series that is engaging, informative, and designed to give prospective students a comprehensive view of what it’s like to be part of your college community.

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