Private Podcasts for Corporate Teams

Invest in your company's culture.

Understanding internal podcasts.

An internal podcast is a private podcast feed created for employees and key stakeholders of an organization. Because these are not meant to be public, an internal podcast is an investment in your company’s culture. 

Why is that valuable? 

Your company culture has a greater impact on your bottom line than you may think. According to research, having a positive workplace can:

  • decrease turnover rates, reducing the expenses of recruiting, onboarding, and training.
  • encourage employees to recommend working for you, helping you attract top talent at a lower cost.
  • decrease employee burnout, which increases productivity.
  • increase trust, leading to harder work, more contribution, and greater levels of innovation.

Use Cases

An educational podcast specific to your business’s niche to help employees learn new skills, sales tactics, and industry secrets without your competition overhearing.

Evergreen audio content available to new employees can take the place of less engaging onboarding proceedings. Have key people introduce themselves, share the highlights of working here, explain employee benefit options, and company facts that you want everyone to know.

Combat geographical separation and remote workplaces with a podcast that builds a strong internal community, forges connections, and unites a team with a powerful message.

Unite Your Team

Podcasts are known for creating strong communities. Harness that power for your team. 


Internal podcasts can help your team feel more connected, especially if you have offices in different cities or remote workers. Use each episode to create unity and closeness by featuring different employees, celebrating individual or group wins, increasing leadership visibility, and keeping everyone in the loop on company news.

Building CommUnity™

Negative or toxic work environments can be detrimental to a company’s profits and its team’s mental health. 

We developed the CommUnity™ Podcast Process to systematically identify and address current internal issues while fostering positivity, employee engagement, and building a better corporate community.

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